About Us

Hot World Radio is a very diverse online radio station that tries to connect and bring out the best of different cultures in music. The idea is to provide our listeners, with music from around the world, that they may not be familiar with, but yet give them the opportunity to hear some of their favorite hits in one place. That being said, we strive to partner with DJs and hosts who are also versatile in music styles and genres and/or cultural topics that our listeners can relate to.

We are up and running 24/7 with 99.9% up-time, whether it be a playlist of different types of music running, or a live DJ mixing it up in the studio somewhere around the world.

We do try to cater to our listeners needs, so we welcome any feedback and ideas you may have. You can even send us music that you think may be good to play on our station, and we will make it available to our DJ’s and may add it to our playlists, after reviewing it of course.

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